• Welcome

    Welcome to RHS Safety Consulting LLC.
    We here at RHS Safety Consulting know that we can provide your company with the professional service your company desires. RHS has experience with perimeter and guard security on gas well sites.
    Our staff consists of retired State Troopers, current local police, current sheriff deputies, and retired sheriff deputies, ex-military and other members of the law enforcement profession.
    RHS Safety Consulting is aware of all local and state laws as well as regulations and ordnances. Our staff has the skills and training in handling civilian complaints and dealing with civil property disputes. Our company has knowledge of traffic safety which plays a bigger part in making your day to day operations run smoothly.
    With RHS Safety Consulting operating the entrances to your company’s sites, you can be assured all rules and regulations shall be enforced at the highest level of professionalism ensuring the safety of your employees and vendors.
    RHS Safety feels we could be an asset to your company and will also be able to grow with your company.