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RHS is one of the leading providers in perimeter and guard services. We can consult and customize to meet any security needs you may have.

Traffic Control

Here at RHS, safety is number one. We also provide Traffic Control Flagger services to those in need. Our employees are all certified and trained, equipped with fully stocked trucks and uniformed in regulation gear.

Movie Premieres

RHS is experienced and equipped to handle many special details. Including private movie premieres. This service includes, but not limited to, bag checks, holding of personal property such as cell phones, night vision to ensure no piracy during the viewing, and medal detector wanding.

Welcome to RHS Safety Consulting LLC. We are bonded, fully licensed, and insured!  RHS Safety Consulting can provide your company with the professional services you desires. RHS has experience with perimeter and guard security on gas well sites. RHS also provides security for Events, Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Plants, Parking lots,  Personal/ Executive Protection, Armed /Unarmed, Uniform/undercover, Roving/Perimeter. Our staff consists of retired State Troopers, current local police, current sheriff deputies, and retired sheriff deputies, ex-military and other members of the law enforcement profession. RHS Safety Consulting is aware of all local and state laws as well as regulations and ordinances. Our staff has the skills and training in handling civilian complaints and dealing with civil property disputes and  Surveillance.  Our company offers over hundreds of years of combined experience and has the knowledge to help keep your company safe and secure. RHS also has experience in traffic safety which helps keep the workplace safe and accident free. With RHS Safety Consulting providing security for your company, you can be assured all rules and regulations shall be enforced at the highest level of professionalism ensuring the safety of your employees and vendors. RHS Safety feels we could be an asset to your company and will also be able to grow with your company.

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